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Chinese women’s ranking: Liu Ruixin rises to 233 and Feng Shanshan ranks 19th

Chinese women’s ranking: Liu Ruixin rises to 233 and Feng Shanshan ranks 19th


Liu Ruixin

  On August 18, Beijing time, Shenzhen girl Liu Ruixin won the runner-up in the LPGA Level 2 Four Winds Invitational, rising to 233 in the world ranking.

  This is Liu Ruixin’s last race before returning to China to participate in the National Games. She said that the bogey on the first hole stabilized her and caught a lot of birdies (8 birdies), and finally won the first place by 2 strokes. Two. Her prize money accumulated to 95,281 US dollars (approximately 10,000 yuan), second only to Lilia Vu on the prize list.

  Although Liu Ruixin will delay the competition when returning to China, there are only 4 races left on the schedule, and she is estimated to be able to participate in 2 more races, so she made sure that there should be no problem with the LPGA entry card next season.

  After the end of the season, the top ten players in the LPGA second-level tournament will be eligible for the LPGA competition next season.

  Liu Ruixin gained 2.4 world points, and the world ranking rose from 258 to 232, while China rose one place to sixth.

  At the same time, Liu Yu and Yan Jing both advanced at the Scottish Women’s Open, but their performance was not ideal. Liu Yu tied for 42nd with 1.15 points and dropped 2 places in the world ranking to rank 79. Yan Jing tied for 47th place with 0.96 points. The world ranking dropped 3 places to 186th.

  Let’s take a look at the ranking of China’s top ten players.

  (1) Feng Shanshan (19 people)

  (2) Lin Xiyu (62 people)

  (3) Liu Yu (79th)

  (4) Yan Jing (185 people)

  (5) Lu Wanyao (199 people)

  (6) Liu Ruixin (232 people)

  (7) Zhang Weiwei (246 people)

  (8) He Muni (263 people)

  (9) Shi Yuting (324 people)

  (10) Liu Yan (333 people)

  The following are the world rankings of other Chinese players:

  Du Mohan (338 people)

  Yin Ruoning (347 people)

  Yin Xiaowen (amateur) (369)

  Liu Wenbo (417 people)

  Feng Simin (425 people)

  Pan Yanhong (470 people)

  Liu Yiyi (472 people)

  Zhang Yunjie (474 ​​people)

  Zhang Jie Na Lin (478 people)

  Ren Yue (513 people)

  Yuan Hexi (604 people)

  Wang Xinying (642 people)

  Ye Lei (amateur) (666 people)

  Zeng Liqi (amateur) (733 people)


(This article is from the official website of the China Golf Association and is owned by the original author.)

Post time: Aug-23-2021