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Liu Siyun alone ranked 7th, HSBC youth alumni advanced to the second level of the LPGA qualification exam

Liu Siyun alone ranked 7th, HSBC youth alumni advanced to the second level of the LPGA qualification exam


On August 23, Beijing time, HSBC youth alumni Liu Siyun broke into the top ten in the first level of the Women’s PGA Tour Qualifying Examination, and successfully got the second level admission ticket. The Dalian girl Lian Huize and the girls’ high school were also promoted with her. Former tour champions Hou Yusang, Tian Xiaolin and other players.

Liu Siyun, from Shanghai, performed well in this exam, surrendering a total score of 277 strokes (68-72-69-68, -11) in four rounds. In the first round, Liu Siyun surrendered 5 birds and 1 bogey. In the second round, she was a little struggling. Although she caught 5 birdies, she also swallowed 5 bogeys. From the third round, Liu Siyun gradually recovered her form. , She caught 4 birds in a row from 14 to 17 holes; in the final round, she caught 6 birdies and swallowed 2 bogeys, and finally passed the LPGA qualification exam with a ranking of 7th. first round.

At the end of March this year, Liu Siyun participated in the second Augusta National Women’s Amateur, becoming the second Chinese mainland player to receive the invitation of the event after Ye Lei. As early as 2020, Liu Siyun has participated in the PGA Tour Series China Qualifying Tournament and has attracted much attention because of his outstanding performance. Although eventually retired due to a wrist injury, Liu Siyun became the first female player in the history of Chinese golf to challenge the annual qualification of the men’s professional tour.

After four years of university, Liu Siyun studied at Wake Forest University in the United States. In 2019, she helped her alma mater win the 6th Annika Intercollegiate Golf Championship, and won the team second place in the NCAA Championship.

As a teenager Liu Siyun, as a frequent visitor to HSBC youth, he participated in more than 20 HSBC youth competitions from 2007 to 2016. He also won 4 championships, 5 runners-up and 3 third runners-up, becoming a peer team. The best in hand.

A total of 339 players from 43 countries and regions participated in this LPGA qualification exam. 95 players successfully advanced and got the tickets for the second level. They will play golf in Florida Plantation from October 21st to 24th. The country club participates in the second level of the qualification examination, let us look forward to the performance of Liu Siyun and other Chinese players! 

(This article is from the official website of the China Golf Association and is owned by the original author.)

Post time: Aug-28-2021